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I, Robot

When this came out I wasn't interested in watching it because of things I'd read online, and I'm referring to LJers not critics. It had been out on DVD for a few months before I finally borrowed it from mom to check it out. Mostly because Will Smith is one of my tv boyfriends - and I saw on American Chopper the bike they created specifically for Smith and the movie premiere. So freaking sweet! I think what I'd read earlier still colored my interest because I didn't think much of it other than Smith was damn pretty in this. After catching it on FX a few times now, I'm in love with the movie. I don't know which character I love more, Sonny or Det. Spooner. Each time I see it now, I find more things about Spooner I didn't notice before. And might I just say they were fucking genius when it came to creating Sonny because I can also say the same thing about noticing more about the character each time I watch the movie.

Did I already mention that Will Smith was very beautiful in this? Because he was. And it's not just because of the physique either. It's the way he played this character: not perfect and very emotional and flawed.

Does anyone happen to know if there are any fic about Spooner and Sonny becoming partners in some way?
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