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I dislike packing.

Heroes traumatized me. I dreamt about Peter Petrelli the next night, though I can't remember what it was about. LOL

Mom is trying to be happy for me, but her enthusiasm definitely is not making it to her voice. M gave me a look as if I betrayed her. And I ended up crying for about thirty minutes missing my brother's kids and I haven't left yet because I realized I'm going to miss H's birthday on the 19th. My boy is going to be 13. At least I'd already got his present last week, a copy of Tom Sawyer. There are actually two b-days coming up, S's is on the 6th, she'll be 14, and for her I'd gotten a copy of The Wind in the Willows.

My brother was actually pleased about this whole thing. But he'd said I should sell my computer. Uh...I don't frelling think so. I own two big things: my computer and my car. And I told him to really push to sell my car somehow and give the money to mom

H and V don't know yet, but the rest of the kids (aside from M) are very excited that I'm leaving. A's girls are just too young to understand what's going on.

Now for what prompted the move.

The bossman is like I said in an earlier post is moving and it's due to some pushing and prodding from his kids. I think it's mostly his daughter and idiot son-in-law because of the way they were suddenly super secretive while they were here.

But to keep the temptation away to move back here, he's selling the trailer park and it's surrounding land. Leaving about 9-10 families screwed. That includes my mom.

He said he's going to 'compensate' her for all the help she's done for him over the last 12 years (this includes taking care of his dying wife) with...$5,000. WTF?

She's managed the trailer park for him in lieu of lot rent since she can't afford it for a double wide on just a disability check. The trailer cost her and my step-dad $65,000 brand new. But the thing is - no matter how much it cost originally...it's still just a fucking trailer. And they start depreciating as soon as they're set up. Doesn't matter how much it's been fixed up to look like a real house. My brother and I figure, if she's damn lucky, she'll get maybe $10,000. With the way things are in this area, that's not even close enough to relocate her trailer to new land. So she's going to try and sell her trailer and move back to Arkansas.

For years he's told her to expect the two acres of undeveloped land at the front of the park after he died so she wouldn't have to worry about what to do with her house. He'd put her in his will years ago. Now this.

She's sworn that she'll never buy another home, it's just too much of a heartbreak of losing all of the memories again.

I know that's the other reason why she's less than perky when we talk about me moving. For years, she worked to get her own home and now she's practically losing it and having to start over. Things are changing and too fast for anyone to really let sink in and I can understand why she's not being my cheerleader at the moment. Actually, she's never been too happy when I move away, but she knows that I have to try and do things on my own and be in control of my life.

The bossman is also giving me about $600 in stocks as a going away gift, and I'm very grateful for that since it'll help with shipping my stuff and setting up in WA, but I don't think I'm going to be getting them in time before I leave. I think he said something about loaning me the money until they're sold and I can pay him back. *crosses fingers*
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