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Vids: Love & Guns series

Special Note: These are made for azuremonkey. She of the blind faith that bid...and won me during halcyon_shift's first sweetcharityvox auction. This came during a very bad block that affected just about everything. But I kept trying to make a video work. When I began an original writing project I finally got something in my head to click in regards to my vidding. That's why I've been putting so many out lately. Thank god! Because of azuremonkey's infinite patience, I wanted to give her something extra. So may I present...

The Love & Guns Series

Title: Strong Shoulders
Music: Lean on Me by Club Nouveau
Characters: Ensemble
Spoilers: Through Peacekeeper Wars
Links: My website | MediaFire

Notes: The "love" portion of this little series. I've wanted to do an ensemble video for a long time. Unfortunately all my attempts have ended up in failure. I just couldn't get any of the songs to cooperate with what I had in mind. I heard this on the radio some time back and it reminded me I had this song and I started to thinking it could work. It did, but it was like pulling teeth. The rhythm of the music kept throwing me off no matter how familiar I was with it. But I was finally able to get something to work for me and I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks to avenuepotter for checking out the beginning and helping make sure I wasn't too far off with the portions of it.

Title: The Showman
Music: Ladies & Gentlemen by Saliva
Characters: Ensemble
Spoilers: Through Peacekeeper Wars
Links: My website | MediaFire

Notes: Technically the "gun" side, but it's more like - kickin' the tires and light'n the fires. When I first heard this song's first three words I instantly knew that it had to be made to the Blue Light Special in We're So Screwed 2: Hot to Katrazi. John makes one hell of a sale's pitch and it had to be the basis of the video. Thank you to halcyon_shift for the extra set of eyes on this after it was done and pointing out some minor timing issues with the beginning. **There will be clip bleed through on several parts - they are there intentionally.
Tags: sweet charity, vids

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