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Well I'm glad that weekend is freaking over with.

And it was kind enough to end on a freaky note by me dreaming about SG-1 having sex with a bug (he looked human at first). Black slimy stuff all over them during it. I woke up to the phone ringing (five minutes before my alarm sounded) just as they all were taking pregnancy tests and me popping into the dream asking if they'd drop me off on a nice world with a red moon. WTF?

Anyway it was my lovely mother calling to tell me that she's taking her car into the dealership to have the dash replaced and then she was kind enough to get pissed at me for letting her know that the bossman had two tests at the doctors and has no idea of the details... so neither do I since they're new to him. Yeah. There's nothing like hearing yelling when I first wake up. She said something about how she never gets to do what she wants. All I could think, and say, was 'welcome to my life mom.'
Tags: dream, family, sg-1

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