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Farscape Fic: Morning Light

Author's Notes: I have NO idea where this came from. This is my first time writing Leslie, so I don't know how well I did. Unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. All feedback is welcome.
Setting: Terra Firma.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape Channel.

Morning Light

Standing in the front doorway of the familiar home, Aeryn hesitated for a moment.

"Well...Come in. You're letting out the cool air."

The voice that beckoned her in was soft, with just a trace of a now familiar southern cadence. Walking slowly into the house. She followed the woman through several rooms to stop once they were in the galley.

Kitchen. John calls it a kitchen here. She reminded herself as she looked at the brightly colored walls and the appliances that she had learned to use since they were on Earth.

"Sit down, dear. I've been meaning to talk to you since we first met."

Sitting down in the chair the woman had indicated, Aeryn looked at her host for a moment trying to place her familiar face.


The woman smiled and said, "It was only for a moment, and we didn't speak to each other, but we met. I'm sure my son has told you all about me by now."

Aeryn was at a loss for words as she remembered where she had seen the other woman before. John's mother was the one thing that he had always had a difficult time talking to her or anyone about. In either of his incarnations. The memories of how he failed to be with her in her last moments still haunted him.

"I can see that he hasn't, but he will. I know he was hurt."

Finding her voice at last, Aeryn asked, "Why am I here..."

"Call me Leslie, dear. It's okay. I don't go for formality here." Her soft chuckle, along with the smile that lit up her eyes, instantly put Aeryn at ease.

"All right...Leslie. How did I arrive here?"

Leslie reached out and placed her hand on top of Aeryn's. "I wanted to speak to you about John. I'm worried about him. When I saw him last, he was so worried. So lost."

"He is that at times, but he's had to adapt in order to survive."

"I'm not speaking of that. I know he now lives in a harsh world, one that terrifies me. I'm speaking of how he is around you."

"Around me?" Her confusion must have been evident in her for Leslie gripped her hand tightly.

"Yes, around you. You have hurt him, and just like me. It was unintentional. You lost him once. So I can understand what you were going through, but now that you've come back. You mustn't let him push you away."

"I've tried to be what he wanted since I've returned, but there are just so many things he doesn't understand. Things I can't tell him to make him understand..."

"Don't..." Leslie sat back for a moment, her eyes taking on a far off gaze. "You don't have to explain to me, Miss Sun. May I call you Aeryn?"

The entire conversation had a surreal quality to it as Aeryn nodded in acceptance of the woman's use of her first name.

"This must be so strange for you. I only wanted to tell you that I approve of how you've handled things. Although they could have been done a little differently, you did what you must at the time. I only ask that you try your best. Johnny has alway been stubborn like his father. Both love unconditionally, yet push away what they care about when hurt."

Leslie leaned over in her chair and ran her hand down Aeryn's flat stomach and glanced up to look in Aeryn's eyes. "For her. Make him be honest with you about his feelings. Don't let him hide behind false walls."

"False walls," Aeryn asked, placing her hand on top of the female Crichton's.

"You'll understand soon. It's not my place to tell you about it. Just take care of your own heart foremost, and Johnny will come back to you soon. He's stubborn, not stupid."

Taking her hand away, Leslie sat back in her chair and said, "Oh dear. I've talked all of this time and we really didn't get to know one another better. Have we? It's time for you to go now I'm afraid."

"Go? But I only arrived," Aeryn said standing up from her chair. She was confused by the entire experience and she didn't like to be on uneven ground.

Leslie wrapped her arms around the ex-Peacekeeper. "You take care of yourself and the little one. Johnny made a good choice when he fell in love with you. You're so much stronger than I was."

"You did well with him, Leslie. I'm sure you are the reason he is a better man," Aeryn said returning the embrace that now felt natural to her.

"That's very kind of you to say. Now you really must be going. I think you have company."

Taking her arms away, Aeryn was surprised to find herself in bed. Light streaming through the blinds on the window telling her it was still early morning. She could hear Chiana in the hall telling her to wake up and dress for the beginning of their day.

The dream had followed her as she woke, and she remembere the gentle smile that reminded her of John's when they had first met. She knew that she would take Leslie's words to heart, and make John be honest with his feelings for her once and for all.
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