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Just a little SG-1 note about 10x12

Found this via Google Alert in Alex Levine's blog on Skiffy's site. Tread in lightly if you're spoiler phobic. link

Also, in case you’re wondering why nary a word is mentioned about the fact that Daniel is missing in this episode, the teaser (the first scene before the title) dealt specifically with Daniel’s absence, but had to be cut for time.

I can understand this, but I still don't like it. The opening they used I found rather flip and unconcerned about Daniel's welfare. There really wasn't any need for that exposition since it could have been told to us in a different manor without any need for putting Landry in there. It seems as if they were given a choice and they went with the weaker opening. It's a shame considering it's such a strong character episode.

By the way, I've finally come to a conclusion about my feelings for Landry... I don't like him. Re-watching older episodes made me really miss Hammond. His attitude toward people under his command and his superiors was balanced just right. Respectful of everyone and strong.

Oops... put the wrong episode number in my subject.
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