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Vid: Cool My Desire

Title: Cool My Desire
Music: I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen
Characters: Jothee/Chiana, D'Argo/Chiana
Spoilers: None past Self-Inflicted Wounds part 2
Links: My website | MediaFire

Notes: For a song under two and a half minutes, it was a pain to get just the right balance, but then I'm also showing this from three POVs. *crosses fingers in the hope I succeeded.*

This has been one of my favorite songs since I was a kid and when I was finally able to get a copy, I had just watched the beginning of Season 3 again and things sort of demanded to be vidded. I've started and stopped working on this several times over the course of several months and I finally forced myself to not give up this time around when I wanted to throw my computer through the window. Jothee is a real pain in the ass.

The coloring, or lack there of, is as a homage to the original Springsteen video.

ETA: Added color version if some folks can't get past the black/white.
Tags: vids

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