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Blame it on PMS and still being half asleep.

I'm really fucking sick and tired of people describing ALL of my stories as dark. They're not. It's one reason why it has become so damn difficult for me to even finish a short story because it pretty much sucks the fun out of whole experience for me.

I have several stories that I've finished over the last year or two that I refuse to post because what's the point of sharing them if others won't even read them because 'oh she just writes dark', or most miss the entire fucking point of the story being told since all they see is the 'darkness' in it. I've tried my best to improve how I write and tell a story and sometimes it seems pointless. I know you're thinking...wrong attitude to have about it all... and you'd be right, but I can't help it.

So just how wanky would it be post this over on TF as an argument about stereotyping fic writers? *snerk*

Oh the good side...We've got rain! :)
Tags: fic ramble, writing

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