Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Ooooo...the Easter Bunny was here!

And left me some goodies.

♥♥ Thank you anonymous Easter Bunny! ♥♥ *hugs you wherever you are*

A couple nights ago I had a couple ideas for farscapefriday's mistaken identity challenge that's still going on, but I was just dozing off and didn't want to crawl out of bed to grab my notebook and jot the ideas down because I have such a difficult time falling asleep and I was afraid getting up would set me back to square one, which is why I normally keep a notebook or tape recorder by my bed. I at least remember one dealing with the Peacekeepers and their origins. I can imagine that it conflicts with so much of their current doctrine, how they interact with other species, and dealing them rediscovering their place in the universe.

I have a feeling that it would be lead to way more than a drabble and there's no way I could write something like that. I have way too much difficulty writing about the inner workings of the Peacekeepers to do it justice. So if anyone wants to write it, you have my blessing. Now if I could only remember the other idea.

Happy Easter Everyone!

I know not everyone on my flist celebrates the holiday, so if you happen to be one of them, I still wish you a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and chocolate.

I'm fixing to head into the insanity that is an Easter egg hunt with 9 (or more if neighboring childs participate again) kids. At least this year I don't have camera duty since certain people forgot to buy blank tapes for the camcorder.
Tags: family, fic idea, friends, prezzie

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