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For jebbypal: Vid Commentary

I feel weird for doing this since I've never done it before, but I wanted to address a few things that she brought up in her wonderful review last night of Good Intentions. *keeps it forever and calls it Ringo* I actually wrote this up last night but I swear to god as soon as I went to post this and a re-edit of another video the freaking cable/internet went out until this morning.

Let me just start out by mentioning that every single clip used are only those that are a direct result of the Ancients wanting to 'help' John when they first met on the false Earth.

We open with all the times that John almost got to go home -- from wormhole alien introduction to Scarran mind frell

Those shots are actually all from A Human Reaction and leads to Scorpius discovering 'the hidden memory' that Ancient!Jack left behind. And yes...Ben Browder needs to dress like that way more often. ;)

0:30 -- Scorpy, woops, actually Harvey.

I could think of no better place to have Harvey’s involvement included than to the line: “But signs – were not – really that scarce.”

What I mean is that he was such an integral part of the story – being at the heart of why John was slowly losing it and changing from the man we first met and John, nor us, had any idea. While Harvey states in WGFA that John’s subconscious mind wasn’t supposed to be aware of him, he played it up and pushed John further by doing things like in the clip: hanging over Aeryn and grinning at John. As if he knew that the more he caused John to lose control of himself – his mind – that it would make it so much easier for him to dig further and find the wormhole knowledge without any restraints (keeping himself hidden from John).

0:42 -- "Please" cut exactly to Einstein reaching out. Powerful.

Thank you. I thought so too. :D

0:48 -- "Die" to Talyn John's death.

0:50 -- "Withdraw" - to John falling out of the machine in PK Wars, devastated by what he's wrought. He knew using wormholes would be bad, but once again, his intentions royally go wrong beyond imagining.

I wanted to show the connection between the two John and the consequences they faced for being placed in the positions they found themselves in. Sacrificing themselves to stop the bad guys from using something that is too powerful to ever be really controlled. Using utter destruction to get this finality across to everyone. Scorpius was right though – it worked. For now. ;)

0:58 -- While, technically, not his naming, I think this shot is much more powerful than the end of PK Wars. Seriously, end of PK Wars just hits a little too sappy of a note.

Your last point is one reason why I used this instead. The other reason is because, not only is it a powerfully emotional moment, but the second John held their son he had the name Sun-Crichton and he’s a continuation, an extension of himself, of (all) life in general despite the horrors, the genocide, that is occurring around them. Life and hope go on through the darkest of times. Now - what's sappier, that explanation or the actual naming? lol

1:44 -- "The article said Living Wasteland" -- Okay, seriously, I always mean to look at the episode after terra firma to determine if Kaz took it from the clip show or not, or if she made this. Either way, genius. But kudos if it's her photoshop work.

Totally Photoshopped. I googled for scanned old newspapers to match up the coloring to have it sort of feel like the lyric sounds (if that makes a lick of sense to anyone but me) and I used the song’s lyrics for the body of the ‘article’. And thank you. *curtsies*

2:31 sequence -- one of the few clip sequences that the transitions seem actually timed to the drum beat

I know doing something like this can throw people off, but I said to hell with it and did it this way because there are so many frelling things that happened to John in the quest for the knowledge in his head that it actually allows the viewer to see really just how much and to get a sense of how it weighed down on John. I hope. It’s not perfectly with the beat but it’s the closest I could get when I zoomed in on the timeline.

2:54 -- "beauty paste" -- Okay, this is the one clip choice that I HATE in this vid. Seriously. I mean, it totally works and I get it with Scorpy being all white and stuff, but yeeesh. I woulda preferred to see Chiana and Noranti or something (though appropriately, they don't fit in the vid so this is why Kaz is the vidder and I'm not.) Still, these are my responses, so sue me.

Not going to sue you, everyone has an opinion. Sometime I forget people can't actually see what's in my head and see some of the reasons behind certain clip choices when I'm making a video. ;)

It's actually showing two different people’s hubris. Both Ancient!Jack's and Scorpius. Blind the face = Ancient!Jack hiding the knowledge without permission, believing that he was doing John a favor. Beauty paste = used for vanity = Scorpius eating the piece of tissue while gloating, thinking he's won after leaving John in rage on the operating table.

3:00 -- back to the chorus again, and this is actually my favorite sequence of chorus clips. Limbs tied, skin tight, just works so well here.

Sorry, I went to my happy place with that.

3:13 -- "self inflicted" -- this is actually one of the more noticeable color changes that Kaz did with John slowly going gray as we see him in PK garb.

*cough* It's actually blue, wormhole blue to be exact. I did it like that because wormholes overshadow his life, the events that are out of his control, trying to destroy those he loves and he's making a deal with Scorpius, with the devil. All of these things I wanted to show – somehow – and the slow color fade seemed the best because of the line ending with 'his perdition'.

Speaking of coloring, I don’t know if you noticed (only one person has ever mentioned it in feedback) but there are a lot of clip sequences where the lighting alternates between red/orange (warm colors) to blue because I wanted to try and show the blood spilled over wormholes.
Why yes, I am a complete dork.

3:32 -- again, one of the more noticeable effects (unless I'm completely blanking on the scene in my mind) with John's face overlaid with him and the wormhole alien visible through him.

That actually wasn't me, that's just a straight out source clip from Infinite Possibilities when TJohn was getting the 3rd degree on Talyn about his module being flown by a Charrid.

End - title screen --> about the only flaw here is the title screen doesn't linger long enough though I realize that Kaz timed it with the drum ending.

It was timed to end with the final drum beat, but the reason it's so quick is because with the pacing at the end I tried to show that once Einstein took the knowledge from him, John was back to square one as he was when we first met him.

Okay...I think I'm done babbling now. I hope you don't mind me doing this, but there was just so many points I wanted to talk about and unfortunately it turned out to be about four pages for you to wade through. LOL
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