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SPN fic

This is something that came to mind as I watched the repeat of Croatoan. Speaking of it being a repeat, what's up with that since they just came back from a break? I could have sworn that they'd advertised a new one last week.

Is there any fic out there where it's either both guys or only Dean that becomes infected by the virus?

Would the boys agree to shoot each other when they turned? If so, and it was only Dean. Do you think that Sam would have been able to pull the trigger? I actually think that he wouldn't since it's Dean. He'd probably seek help from Bobby (who I think would have no qualms about doing the job).

I'm not necessarily looking for character death, unless it's really damn well written. If it's going to make me cry, it better be worth it. ;)

ETA: They just showed the preview I saw last week...April 19th? WTF? We get two new episodes after a month break then have to wait another 3 weeks? I really hate the way stations break up a season anymore.
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