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I went on a job interview this morning. I have my fingers crossed, but I don't know. It was for a bank teller position. I'm not exactly the bank teller type. But I was nice and polite, answered all of their questions. And cringed when they said I didn't have enough personal references. Can I help it that I don't know many people that personally? Nope. I don't make friends easily. I don't know what that has to do with job performance.

One bad omen for the interview happen before I even left the house. I was all dressed up real spiffy like. Blouse, slacks...I even had on make-up. *ack!* I picked up our new puppy to take him out of my room, and the little ball of fur peed on me! So I had to go take another shower, and since I only have one pair of dress slacks...I had to wear a pair of jeans. Bad, bad, bad for an interview. I really need to go shopping for more office attire. I hate shopping for clothes. It's boring and I never find anything I like. Can I help it if I prefer jeans and T-shirts?

Okay, enough bitching....Bought Once upon A Time in Mexico, and Freddy vs. Jason. hehehe Made a new icon...I need to reinstall my fonts and brushes, but I like this one anyway.

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