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We interrupt your regularly scheduled spam...with spam!

I can't count the ways that I love the movie Little Nicky, but here are some of my favs:

An awesome soundtrack.

Cajun dude from Waterboy.

Henry Winkler covered in bees.

The pillow fight from hell. Literally. :D

and the ultimate...Ozzy!

Now I'm watching Dream A Little Dream on one of the local stations. Not one of my favorite episodes by far, but it has some of my favorite moments.

John and Zhaan in the teaser and tag.

John singing to her to try and help her over her nightmare.

Zhaan opening up to him about a painful point in their absence even after she'd already declined his offer to talk.

Her mental image of John when she's in the jail cell. You can see her in the way he speaks, but she's familiar enough with him that her imagination conjures up Earth pop culture.

D'Argo, Aeryn and John walking down the hallway with the light at their back. One of the most beautiful shots of them.

Chiana all jacked up on the perky pills after not listening to Rygel.

Chiana and Rygel trying to lie without lying and needing Pilot and Moya's help to succeed. :D

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