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I don't know if it's from being fuzzy headed from little sleep (As you can tell I gave up again for the second night in a row.), but after sitting through Rocky I and II... damn I actually really liked these. I remember as a kid being force fed these and other assorted 'manly' movies by both parents, but mostly my dad. I still don't like boxing for the most part but I'll admit those were some hellacious fights in both flicks. I'm now interested in seeing the newest Rocky movie. If I remember right, it's coming out on DVD soon.

I guess I need to check out the third one since it's been so long that I can't remember any of the details except for Mr. T being in it. I still refuse the watch Rocky IV. Just because of Brigitte Nielsen, I really can't stand that chick. To this day I will laugh with glee when her character gets killed in Beverly Hills Cop 2. :D
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