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Still dying of the plague, but here's some Florida news

- Stanton is appealing the Largo city commission firing her over sex change. I need to find an address to email my support.

- I was going to mention this kid the other day because he's really damn cool for thinking on his feet, but he also did something that I had planned out in my head (when I was a kid) about if that situation happened to me. 13 year old escapes kidnapper by using a safety pin.

They caught the bastard yesterday. I about choked on my coffee when I heard the guy's nickname was 'nacho.' *snerk*

- They quickly found John Couey yesterday. About. Damn. Time. I really hope they find for the death penalty. I don't care if they say the guy isn't all in the head. He needs to fry for what he did for what he did to that baby. I saw the news footage of her dad listening to the testimony of how she'd been in the house across from where she lived, locked in a closet and heard the search for her. But if they do give him the death penalty, it'll go way too quickly for him. I guess it's a good thing for fuckers like this that I have no control over punishments because I'd make sure that they'd die in the same manner as their victims.

I remember when the little girl first disappeared and everyone of us held out some hope that she was alive. I'd gone on bay news 9 back then and people had been commenting that it was obviously the father that killed her because of the fact he had long hair, an ear ring, just pretty much because he wasn't mr. suburban looking. Now Mark Lunsford is doing his best to help make sure that this doesn't happen to another parent. If I understood the interview right yesterday, he's going to be making an appearance at kid's safety demonstration put on by Buckethead of WJRR in Orlando.

If you know anyone with kids that live around Orlando this is something you might be interested in. Project Stay Alert

That is one my biggest fears, that someone will take one of my nieces or nephews and do something to them. We've had a few scares here over the last few years:

- Mexican guy came out of the orange grove and chased M. He disappeared by the time she made it to the bossman's house and told mom. She called the cops but they didn't do anything about it, didn't even bother coming out to check to see if the guy was still out there. Thankfully the orange grove is now a strawberry field so we don't have to worry about baddies lurking, but M and S still don't go to the bus stop alone.

- A few weeks ago a 'friend' of one of our neighbors drove his lawnmower into the park and make sexual comments to M and S and their friend. He claimed that he thought they were grown women. These girls may be taller than almost all of the adults here, but it's still obvious that they are still just little girls. We almost had a riot out here that day until the guy said that he'd never come out here again.

Stuff like that just make us all the more vigilant when we hear of stories like this on the news. Our trailer park is small and almost everyone has kids here so we all notice when a strange car is coming through.
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