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It's official. M is as bad as I am.

Conversation between M and I while in the woods last night with a flashlight looking for the dogs after they got loose again.

M: *laughs* We're like Sam and Dean with the flashlight and the spooky wind in the woods.
Me: All we need is a gun. *snicker* I'm Dean, you're Sam.
M: Dude, no way. I'm Dean, you're Sam.
Me: You're the one with the Sam haircut. So you're Sam. I get to be Dean because I'm more butch
M: At least you get to be the cute one! (referring to me being 'Sam')
Me: O_o *has no response for laughing ass off*

A little bit later M's friend from two doors down showed up and suddenly I was ousted from being even Sam and was informed I am now John Crichton. I have such a weird niece at times.
Tags: dorky, m
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