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Heroes 1x17

I am sitting here floored with chills running up and down my back over Claire walking out of the house just now.

eta: Damn you Heroes for breaking my heart! nervous


ETA 2: Some thoughts about the Bennetts.

I'm really loving the complex characters we've got through the entire series. Well, except for Matt...he's just a big ole teddy bear boy scout that's freakin' on all cylinders. Trying to get dren to make sense and getting it wrong.

There was one character in this series that on the first episode I thought I was going to dred or hate and that's Mrs. Bennett. On the premiere I labeled her as some insipid housewife that cares more about her dog and social life than her family. I've never been more happy to be so very wrong.The woman is just a good soul, who loves her family without question and a hell of a lot braver than I gave her credit for. I loved it when she stopped from leaving after her son was able to get away because she couldn't leave Claire behind. That's a good mama.

I've also really enjoyed how they've revealed Mr. Bennett's background and his true personality/heart. He took Claude's words to heart because he was his friend even if he was ordered to kill him. I think that Claude was the only
friend Bennett's had since he began his secret life, which led to him trading the company for Claire.

He's been a 'company man' (as the episode is called) for so long that he allowed himself to believe the lie he was living and he was as ferocious as a biological father would be in the same place and desperate enough to do anything for the safety of his child.
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