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nice evening

After I almost went off my nut today from watching the kids with only 3 hours sleep. I destroyed my room searching for a UBS chord to link up the computers in the house. My mom said she was either going to make me take a few nerve pills or she was going to knock my ass out. I told her she didn't have to do that and I went and got an hours sleep. Then I took mom out to dinner at one of the best Mexican resturants and ordered me a couple margaritas. Recieved dirty looks from the parental unit and thusly ignored them.

Then took her to a movie. Didn't think Butterfly Effect was up her alley and we both wanted to see Cold Mountain. We were both impressed with this movie.

I have to say this about the ending:

But IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR! IT'S NOT FAIR!!! After all they went through dammit!

The love scene was so sweet. I teased my mom by telling her that I know feel blessed to have seen Nicole Kidman's boobs and ass. *g* I said it pretty loud too as we were leaving the theater. She was trying not to laugh at me.

I have to say Kidman, Law, Zellwiger(sp?) were amazing in this and recommend this movie very much.

To top off our evening, we stopped at Mickey D's for food for the kids in case they were still awake. Well to our surprise while we were waiting for the food. There was a group of teenagers in front of the windows and one girl dropped trou and pressed her ass against the window. I busted out laughing. Can you imagine the poor dude looking out the window in the morning over his egg mcmuffin and thinking, 'Hey, is that an ass imprint on the window?' LMAO!

So the day ended on a funny note. I'm glad. I hate being in a bad mood.

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