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Volcanoes Gone Wild!

That's the title H decided on for his science report. His mom kinda ticked me off by joking around that she was going to tell his teacher that he cheated since he had help from me and my brother.

Let me see:

H did the research, found the website with the information, told me what he needed from it. Then wrote his oral report for the class.
His dad helped him build the volcano model. (It looks really choice by the way.)
I printed out his report, put it in a binder, and took it to his house.

I know she's joking but I think it's in bad taste to screw with a kid's self-esteem like that since none of the things done are in no way cheating and H was getting pissed at his mom for continuing to say it.

He did well not to act out on it though and gave me a hug and told me thank you. He then did the cutest thing though and told me to bend down, I did and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that he'd wanted to get me something for valentines day but was informed that the chocolate eyeball he'd planned on would give me a toothache. Awww... ♥ I swear that when he starts dating, he's going to be a catch for any girl. He's got a good heart.

Over the weekend H told my brother what he wanted for his 13th birthday... to leave his mom's house and come live with him.

I can't believe my baby boy is going to be thirteen in three months. Officially a teenager. It just blows my mind.

Now off to fix the drivers on M's computer so that they can burn pictures onto disc for my brother's portolio.
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