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I just finished watching an episode of Cold Case that has me tearing up. Which is not a first time with this show. I haven't followed the series too closely but the episodes I've seen I was really pleased with the story telling.

But this one had to do with two girls (one black, the other white) in a lesbian relationship in 1932. The way they portrayed the relationship was so tender and loving, sometimes the narrative (in a flashback) is told through the poems written by the black woman's character. Very beautifully done, the actress' voice was perfect for this.

Despite how they re-enacted the time period, I can't even begin to imagine how it was for lesbians back then, much less if they were a interracial couple, or how much fear that must have punctuated much of the relationship.

Anyone that survived that era I hope they at least found some happiness.


My brother has really surprised me the last few weeks and his attitudes about lesbians just for the fact that the bar that he and A have been visiting has a steady crowd of the same women. A even told me that he's played a few games of pool with one couple. This actually surprised me a great deal. Used to, as soon as he see a hint of queer, he'd run for the hills.

He said that next time, they'll definitely take me with them so I can 'check them out'. *raises eyebrow* I don't know about that. It would feel extremely weird for some reason.

Which brings me to the fact that M told A that since she knows how her dad feels about her and boys, she was going to tell him that she was gay! WTF? I could just see the eruption from that!
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