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Polish them rockets now, and swallow those pills

For the second night in a row John Crichton has featured in my dreams. Night before last it was actually a saucy little dream with him all sexed up by someone that remained unseen. I can't remember much of last night's except that it was kinda David Lynch-ish and the song Space Lord by Monster Magnet played throughout it. I haven't even listened to that song in a couple weeks so I haven't a clue as to why it acted a dream sound track. I hope it's not a sign that I should changed the planned video from a Talyn vid to John. :p

I should actually thank blame a couple SG-1 fics for these nightly interludes. I don't know why it wasn't Cameron Mitchell, but the guy in the dreams was definitely John Crichton.

The fics in question are Thea's, Walk The Line, that I recc'd here, and synecdochic's Cameron/Daniel fic Attention. Both are so freakin' hot that they should come with a license to handle before reading. :D

I haven't spoken to anyone today, nor turned on the light in the room. I've got a candle lit and the tv is playing softly in the background and I've managed to maintain a nice little surreal bubble that makes me happy as I sip my coffee.

When I turned on the tv this morning, instead of putting it on the news I left it on the Sci-fi channel and there was a weird futuristic, trippy-looking, movie on called Immortal. I only caught the last thirty minutes, and I had no real clue as to what was going on, but I loved the set and costumes so I want to see more of this movie if I can find it.
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