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I have a paid account again!! Gone with the only 3 icon selection. hehehe

Counting down to moving out has begun...Yippie! I just can't handle living here anymore. I'm not a morning person, never have been...never will be. So when I was woken up this morning with only 3 hours sleep...to say I was a tad on the testy side is an understatement.

I was woken up to the sounds of a kid screaming outside my bedroom door. I opened the door and told her to be quiet because there were others trying to still sleep. My niece actually looked me in the face and said 'so what fatty'.

Umm...Can you say 'Going off?' I said some bad things, like 'It's no wonder I freaking hate you,' as I threw her in her room to remain for the rest of the day. (been 2 hours and mom hasn't let her out yet..so far) I didn't mean it, but damn I don't exactly think rationally when I'm woken up rudely anyway. So when the kid called me 'fatty'..Gawd. Meltdown. I hear it from my brother all the time, I'm not letting a 10 year old say it to me too and get away with it.

Other news, my brother graduated anger management classes last night. He's done good so far. I'm laying down a $50 bet it lasts a month. Then he'll be back to drinking and knocking the hell out of people that 'bug him'.

Like I said earlier, the countdown to getting out of family hell has begun.

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