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Farscape Fic: Twilight Words

Author's Notes:
I got the urge to write this while watching the mini-marathon today. Unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. All feedback is welcome.
Between season 3 and 4.
Not mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape Channel.

Twilight Words

Dark blue shadows touch the edge of your leg, bringing a slight chill as it foretells the beginning of the harvest season.

Lying in the soon to be sleeping field, you run your hand over the grass. For the first time in monens, you are truly at peace.

A breeze brushes over you, lightly tossing the hair you've grown out against your face.

You've done so many things that you are not proud of. A cycle of misery searching for her. You knew that you would never know true peace until you did.

Her voice is a whisper that touches your soul, healing you. Giving your thoughts pause long enough to rejoice in your success.

"I told you before I departed my physical form, that we would be always together. Joined as one."

Turning on your side, you watch the fading light of the setting sun. You feel her gentle touch along the edge of the mask that marked your fate, and you sense her smile as your other half repeats her parting words.

"Peace of mind, Peace of spirit, Peace of soul. Goodbye my love."

Closing your eye, you begin to drift off to sleep in the twilight and don't hear the footsteps of the approaching Scarrans.

The End
Tags: farscape, fic

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