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Favorite Farscape Bonding Moments

We all have favorite moments were one character reaches out to the other, whether it's comfort, friendship, or just aiding the other person as they work through a problem. I know there's going to be a lot of people that mention particular scenes from The Flax or A Human Reaction, but I'd like to see what other moments are favorites.

Some of my favorites are:

Season 1 -
- John reaching out to shake D'Argo's hand in TTBRC.
- D'Argo sitting with Aeryn in Nerve and holding her hand.
- D'Argo showing Aeryn his wife and son's holophoto and her telling him that she will keep his son a secret in TGAS.
- Aeryn revealing that she's never been alone and later telling John she's scared in DNAMS.
- D'Argo and Zhaan's scenes in PKTG. It's just really cool the way she assists him in tricking the Sheyang and it allows him to see that he's smarter than he thought.
- The entire scene in FT starting with John telling D'Argo that he's not scared and ending with D'Argo kissing Jack's ring for good luck.
- Aeryn's first time with Talyn in BTBW.
- Pilot (Moya) asking Aeryn to name Talyn in FT.

Season 2 -
- John and D'Argo at the end of VM.
- D'Argo telling Chiana he doesn't want to be a brother to her and it hits her that he cares for her in HOTR.
- The tag for HOTR with D'Argo and Chaina where he tells her she's safe and they kiss for the first time and that little 'whoa' she says after he's left the room.
- John and Zhaan's scenes together in DALD. One of them in particular it's not really John there, but Zhaan's idea of him. It's really lovely to see him as
sees him.
- John holding Chiana after Meelak leaves in ACN.
- Aeryn comforting John at the end of LGM pt1.
- D'Argo holding John's face at the end of LGM pt3.
- Aeryn going to Crais and offering herself to him in exchange for help in LGM3.

Season 3 -
- John sitting down on Moya's hull and not leaving D'Argo alone in SnL.
- John and D'Argo drinking together in Incubator.
- D'Argo comforting John after Aeryn walks out of the room in Fractures.
- Aeryn and Crais in ITLD when she tells him goodbye.
- Crais revealing his plan to John in ITLD. You can see on John's face that his entire perspective of Crais changes.

Season 4 -
- As much as I hate that John murdered Harvey in Promises, I found it also wonderful too. We see the complete Harvey. A person in his own right. The person I mourn each time I watch this scene because I love this person who enjoys jazz and loves the ladies.
- D'Argo telling John that he loves shooting things in NE.
- D'Argo bringing up the subject to John about the baby in NE. I know some people read this differently than I do, but I see it as a friend's genuine concern for John's well being because he's the one that has seen him at his lowest point when Aeryn was gone. Knew how much it broke John's heart to be left behind.
- All the John and D'Argo scenes in LAMST. These are just good for the great comedic moments because of the familiarity and ease with which they work one another.
- John and Aeryn in front of the graves in APM and he lets brushes a finger against her hair.
- When D'Argo visits John in the hot box and they talk about Macton and John offers to kill him for D'Argo. I know that's desperation making him say that, but the offer was still given. But I also just love all of their conversations in this.
- John going along with Rygel's plan to dress in drag in CBC. And not just for the obvious reason of me liking John in a dress. ;) It's just the fact that he went with Rygel's plan.
- Aeryn and Sikozu working so well together in BHTB.
- The same with Chiana and Noranti when Braca came up after they disguised themselves and he ran the genetic scans on them. Believe it or not I think that's kinda hot. Shut up!
- John and Scorpius working together in ISTIA.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

ETA: I've been meaning to post this for some time now since I'd already done so on Terra Firma.

Video Snippet - Renegade

Several months ago catherinebruce showed me an older song I hadn't heard in forever, Renegade by Styx. Despite my love for the song and the idea I had for it, I actually have no interest (okay maybe a little) in vidding it beyond the first forty seconds.

I'm not quite sure if Catherine ever said if she was going to vid it herself, I've lost that part of my YIM archive due to reformatting, but I know her possible idea for it was different than mine. So I figured I'd offer you the video snippet I did for the opening of the song. If anyone is inspired by it and would like to build from the point I left off, feel free.
Tags: farscape, tv, vids

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