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Okay, I've mainlined almost all of season 1. I still have to see the last two episodes, which I plan on doing as a reward for myself once I sort through all the nominations for the Auroras.

I have to say that I love the attention to detail they've given this show. I may be a bit weird about this, but after the scenes in Egypt I started Googling to find out more about Julius Caesar.

While I know that the Romans were a culture unto themselves, the nakedness is almost too much for me. And this is coming from someone that thinks that they didn't have enough in Queer as Folk. Though I really wish they showed more of the love making between Octavia and Servilia.

I'm holding out hope that Octavia will somehow kill her mother for betraying her. I can not stand Atia. If there was anyone that deserved to die it's this chick. I hate what she did to her daughter and ruining Servilia and Caesar's love affair for her own amusement.

Nothing to knock your man Lucious, Twichie, but I have to say that my favorite character is Titus. There's just something about him that hits right and I feel so badly for him right now that he's sunk so damn low after killing the guy who was unfortunate enough to fall in love with the slave girl.

My other favorite character is Caesar. The actor playing him is doing it so beautifully.
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