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Fic: Untitled

Today is 3.3 day!!! Whoo Hoo!!! I can't wait to get that hot little dvd in my hand....Meltdown on dvd. That should be damn good.

Author's Notes: The idea struck me all of a sudden, so I figured I’d write it down.
Disclaimer: Not Mine. If it was, we'd have a Farscape channel.


Gentle caresses touched her skin, they were welcomed...wanted...appreciated. It had been too long since she'd had a moment to enjoy this soft touch. Her mind soared along with her body, twisting around as if the first time. Her body enjoyed the cold, it kept her mind alert to the feelings surrounding her. All too soon she would have to return to her duties, but for six hundred microts she remained in heaven.


Can you figure out who this is? Scroll down for the answer.

Our beautiful Moya enjoying a flight through a nebula cloud.
This was my first time writing Moya...I hope I did her justice. Unohoo actually asked if she could put this drabble on her site. Now that was a surprise.
Tags: farscape fic, fic

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