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I've got a question for the vidders on my flist.

Nothing mind blowing, but I was wondering...

When you're ripping clips, how do you keep track of them for a particular song?

Do you save the file as the line of song that it's intended for?

Or do you just categorize them by their episode and subsequent number of the clip. For example I've been ripping clips from Farscape's What Was Lost part 2, so I've been saving them as 'WWL2x1, WWL2x2, etc.'

Something I used to do was just keep all my clips together, but after running out of hard drive space too many times and re-editing some of my older stuff I finally started keeping all the video source in their own particular folder named after whatever song I'm working on. Which makes things a lot easier to keep track of when I save the project onto disc...at least for me.
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