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Farscape Fic: Momentary Comfort (NC-17)

Author's Note: I got the idea from one of the deleted scenes for Twice Shy. Which shows a timid, very emotional Aeyrn. Thanks kixxa for the beta.

Momentary Comfort

The room was as empty as all the others. Chiana released a frustrated sigh as she kicked at the floor in anger. How many more rooms would she have to search before she found her? At the entrance she paused and leant wearily against Moya’s amber door. Talikaa. She shook her head before licking her lips, smiling as she recalled the slave girl’s taste. A sweet taste that had all too briefly coated her lips and tongue before evaporating like dew. A fugitive taste that had set her senses on fire.

She was still angry that Aeryn had interrupted them before anything had happened. What right did she have to dictate when and who she frelled. Her hand brushed against her thigh and she shivered at the involuntary thrill of her own touch. Frell, she was hornier than a ruting flibisk, and it was all Aeryn’s fault. First, she had interrupted her and Talikaa before things had gotten interesting, and then for having Crichton’s mivonks in a vice so tight that all he could see was Aeryn…Aeryn…Aeryn.

Aeryn and that gorgeous black hair. Chiana closed her eyes and whimpered in ecstasy. Black hair that fell gracefully across her shoulders and tumbled down that PK straight back. Hair that tickled and wisped against the waistband of those tight leather pants. Pants that hugged the strong line of her hips…

Sighing, Chiana opened her eyes in an effort to clear her thoughts before scanning the corridor. She became aware of an unnatural quiet, a stillness in the absence of the bustling DRDs. Taking a few steps forward, she heard a noise from the next storage room and decided to investigate. As she opened the door Chiana’s imagination ran rampant. Maybe Talikaa was still frightened, hiding behind crates of supplies, furtive eyes scanning the entrance, her small hands clenching into fists.

"Talikaa, I told you that you don't..." her voice caught in her throat at the sight of Aeryn hunched over and sitting on a crate.

“What the frell happened to you?” Chiana moved quickly to Aeryn’s side, taking in the slight tremor of Aeryn’s wiry arms as they wrapped themselves over her stomach.

"Ta-Talikaa happened. She did something to me...and Crichton." The Peacekeeper's breath hitched as she broke down sobbing.

This wasn't like Aeryn. No, something was definitely wrong with her.

"Why didn't you answer your comms?" Aeryn asked, wiping her face in confusion, her eyes quickly darting away from Chiana's own.

"I was mad when Crichton turned me down. So...so I went l-l-looking for Talikaa..."

Tilting her head slightly, Chiana studied the distraught woman. It was unnerving to see her so vulnerable, so out of control. Chiana recalled the scolding she had received earlier from a more confident Aeryn, and wondered at the change that had been wrought in her.

Sitting down next to Aeryn, Chiana listened to her stifled sobbing, unsure of what to say or do to make Aeryn feel more at ease. Physical contact was the only way that Chiana knew to make anyone feel more comfortable. The feel of a person's body heat, the texture of their skin against her own.

Maybe, maybe it would work for Aeryn right now. Chiana could almost smell the fear coming off the woman and for some reason it was making her even more aroused. She tried to push it aside, tamp down her rising excitement. Now wasn’t the time to feel like this. Chiana drew back and considered. Frell it! With Aeryn there would never be a right time.

But she still leant forward and wrapped her arms around Aeryn, kissed her forehead and was surprised when she wasn’t stopped. The ex-Peacekeeper tasted of tears and sweat, and the combination of the two made Chiana’s pulse race. She kissed Aeryn on the temple and Chiana’s body began to beat in time to the soft pulse that fluttered beneath her lips. Then her lips brushed lightly against Aeryn’s and Chiana found herself holding her breath.

As they parted, she could hear the surprise in Aeryn's voice as she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Making you feel better. Making us both feel better."

Chiana pushed off from the crate, falling to her knees before Aeryn. Brushing back the hair that had fallen across Aeryn's eyes, she was surprised to see no sign of the Peacekeeper's earlier coldness.

"Don't you want to feel better?"

Aeryn nodded as her gaze sidled to the storage bay door. “I want to stop these…feelings. Maybe…maybe Noranti…”

"That old welnitz can't help anyone. I can help you...if you'll let me."

She couldn’t tell if it was the chill of her gloves or the brush of her fingers that caused Aeryn’s muscles to contract suddenly, either way it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the air of uncertainty, the lack of self-control that excited her. Chiana drew in a deep breath as her hands worked their way under Aeryn’s soft shirt to the heavy fullness of her breasts.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Chiana listened to the almost husky sound of Aeryn's breathing. Still on her knees, she inched forward and said, "Now you...touch me."

"Touch...you?" The hesitation in Aeryn’s voice was unmistakable.

Aeryn’s gentle fumble made Chiana start in surprise. The idea that this woman, this extremely forceful woman was obeying her further ignited the fire within.

"Mm hmm. That's good. Put your hands on me, wherever you want."

Aeryn’s fingers wound their way into Chiana’s hair. Moving away from Aeryn slightly, Chiana slipped off her gloves, dropping them softly to the floor.

“Good. Now, I’ll come closer.” Chiana wanted to hold Aeryn, comfort her, show her what it felt like to really let go.

Aeryn’s fingers twisted in Chiana’s hair, making her gasp with pain. Chiana panted and moved her hands across Aeryn’s firm breasts, fingers brushing against the hardening nipples. Chiana smiled and gave them a light squeeze. Aeryn moaned and leaned against her, her hard body moulding against Chiana’s own. Licking her lips, Chiana barely hesitated before plunging her tongue into Aeryn’s mouth.

Her hand left Chiana's hair and found its way down her back. Adding pressure to the caress as she slid her hand into the pants almost molded to Chiana's skin.

Chiana felt Aeryn's right hand slid down to join the other a moment before lifting her up and pressing her tightly to her.

Aeryn’s eyes had lost some of their confusion. She hugged herself and whispered, “Is this the way you always feel?”

Moving in, Chiana ran her tongue across Aeryn’s full lips. “Uh huh. You…you always this cold?”

As Aeryn nodded, Chiana surreptitiously shifted her body in order to make it as easy as possible for Aeryn to remove the pants.

"Then we'll just have to warm you up."

Chiana shivered and arched as Aeryn tugged the tight leather past her hips. Aeryn’s face was blank, focused on the task at hand, her eyes glazed and unseeing. Chiana lifted her hips to help her and in a moment the clothing had fallen to the floor.

Chiana swallowed nervously. She felt vulnerable, afraid of what Aeryn might do. Tentatively she reached out, her hand brushing against Aeryn’s leg. Aeryn twitched, her earlier fear gone and her now gaze focused on Chiana’s face. Chiana ran her hands across Aeryn’s thighs, pleased to see Aeryn draw in a sharp breath, the Peacekeeper’s muscles tautening under her gentle strokes.

Aeryn's breath escaped in hard rasps as Chiana removed Aeryn's boots first so as to expedite the removal of the rest of her clothing. Aeryn leaned back against the storage bin behind her, Chiana crawled forward, her fingers lightly detaching the buttons on the Sebacean woman's pants. Forcing herself to slow down, Chiana teased the hardened nipples on Aeryn's breast with the pad of her thumb before going down to the next button. Aeryn hooked her thumbs into the edges of her pants and arched her hips as the last clasp was undone, quickly removing her leathers. Soon the long creamy length of Aeryn's legs were laid bare. Chiana's breath quickened at the sight of them. Her over charged sex drive threatened to swallow her in its desire for the woman before her.

Her gray hands danced a trail of pleasuring feather-light touches along Aeryn’s legs. Her mouth followed eagerly, nipping and tonguing the pale supple flesh, which quivered in slight spasms.

Aeryn’s breathing dropped lower, taking on a husky quality. Chiana sensed the other woman’s need, sliding her hand under the leg of the black briefs that covered Aeryn’s heated desire. Cupping the smooth round cheek, she squeezed lightly, slipping her other hand into the waistband, pulling it down to expose Aeryn’s hip.

A furtive kiss followed by a sly nip was enough to make the Peacekeeper moan. Chiana shifted, her wet fingers finding their way to Aeryn’s flushed face, her quick tongue once again exploring the moist warmth of Aeryn’s panting mouth.

She gasped as her sensitive nipples brushed the fabric of Aeryn's shirt that still covered her upper half. The shirt had ridden up and was now ruched across Aeryn’s breasts, the fine fabric clinging to the Peacekeeper’s sweaty skin.

"We need to get rid of that." Chiana's hot whisper brushed the side of Aeryn's neck causing her to close her eyes and nod slightly. Chiana pulled the zipper down in one smooth stroke. Aeryn's breasts lay before her in all their exquisite glory, the nipples ripe for Chiana's eager mouth.

Another moan escaped Aeryn, louder this time as she trailed her fingers through Chiana's short grey tresses. Her back curved once more as she placed an encouraging but firm hand on Chiana's head, silently urging her to continue.

Chiana pulled up just enough to look her in the eyes and smile. Aeryn's answering smile was smoldering with lustful passion as she sat forward to remove her shirt. The tight stretchy fabric caught at her elbows forming an impromptu restraint. Chiana giggled as the frustration was made apparent with Aeryn's soft spoken, "Frell."

Laying a warm hand on Aeryn’s breasts, she shifted and settled herself on the Peacekeeper’s lap.

"Hold on, I like you like this," Chiana said coyly.

Chiana’s breath puffed against Aeryn’s neck, her tongue followed suit, licking a swathe along its exposed length. Underneath her tender ministrations, Aeryn could do nothing but surrender herself. Aeryn’s hips began to grind slightly as Chiana’s own moist warmth seeped through the fabric of her skimpy underwear.

Chiana burned with heat in her own nether regions as she gazed upon Aeryn's complete and total perfection

She had always considered Aeryn beautiful, but kneeling before her now, the two of them totally exposed to each other, drove the Nebari past the edge as her over-stimulated libido finally crushed her self-control. Chiana moved purposefully toward the dark damp curls that hid Aeryn's sensitive folds. Her tongue darted out and quickly found its way to the hot pink flesh beneath.

Chiana heard a soft cry escape Aeryn. The ex-Peacekeeper's hips beginning a slow gyration against Chiana's tongue, which remained buried against her clit. Her moan excited the Nebari even more and her tongue moved faster in her excitement. The cries continued to grow with each passing microt.

Aeryn's exultation was not lost on Chiana and it only excited her more. Her hands wrapping themselves Aeryn's thighs, gripping tightly. She could feel Aeryn growing closer to peaking, her screams growing even louder with each microt that passed.

Suddenly an unwanted voice echoed in the through the room. "Aeryn. Have you seen Chiana? Talikaa's nailed D'Argo and Rygel, too."

Aeryn moaned with frustration and tried to cover up the comm, but Chiana pulled away from her and reached forward. Placing her hand on Aeryn's she said, "You don't want to do that..."

Nodding in agreement, Aeryn picked up the comm, trying to mask her breathlessness. "John, I have Chiana here with me. Where are you?"

"Command. Look, something's wrong here..."

"We'll talk about it shortly, John. I'll bring Chiana with me."

“So everything’s fine there?” John’s voice crackled with concern.

“Yeah…yeah. It’s gonna be all right,” Chiana responded, while glancing at Aeryn.

"Okay then, see you in a few."

"You going to tell him?" Chiana asked.

Pulling on her shirt after handing Chiana her own clothing, Aeryn gave her a slight smile. "What? That you found me, a hysterical mess and then comforted me? Yes. The details, no."

The sadness that had earlier been written on her face began to return. "It doesn't matter anyway. John doesn't care, he's been trying to forget me with drugs from Noranti."

"You can get him back. He told me himself...earlier. He loves you."

"That's nice of you to say, Chiana, but I can see the way he looks at me now."

Both women stood quietly for a moment. Aeryn's reached out and touched Chiana's cheek. "He's been trying to forget me on purpose. I'm not stupid."

"Well then, fight for him."

Letting her hand drop to her side, Aeryn walked to the doorway of the room before stopping at the sound of Chiana's voice.

"Aeryn. Wait for me..."

The End
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  • Rough Trade

    Just signed up for keiramarcos' Rough Trade writing boot camp in July. I am going into this trying not to over think things and just…

  • SGA question

    Is John Sheppard the older or younger brother to Dave? I remember reading somewhere that stated it but I can't remember where or what the answer is.…

  • Inspiration and Reverse Big Bang

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