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Humanity is so much better off thanks to St. Petersburg's officials.


I don't care where you fall on the argument on the subject of homeless squatters. This is just fucking dirty as hell to do to people that have so very little.

St. Petersburg officers take box cutters and destroy a tent city.

Video of it.

To fight the "code violations" that was supposedly the reason for the earlier destruction, some donated new supplies.

There is no possible 'right' reason for doing something like that to the homeless of this area. Fuck your goddamn tourist dollars, which is the real reason why they'd try and destroy what they'd see as an eye sore on the city. These people aren't asking them for a fucking thing, only that they have a place to lay their heads down in relative safety.

How would you feel if someone came up and destroyed your only home and you just had to sit there and
. What these bastards did was the equivalent of a hurricane or tornado going through, ripping and scattering their few belongings.
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