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This is why idle minds are bad...

I spent part of the morning yesterday trying to request? Convince? fbf to write a particular type of fic...even sent her pics as inspiration...okay, bribery. But alas...no deal...for now.

Pounded out a few pages...won $15 from Mt. Dew. I can't believe I actually did a happy jump in the air over that. Okay yes, I can...it's money! Then vegged out while watching Halloween: Resurrection. Actually, I should say I fell asleep during it. I loved it in the theater, but this time it bored the hell out of me. Hard to believe these types of movies used to give me nightmares for weeks. And I don't thing Micheal Meyer's sister is dead! I refuse to believe that for a minute and I think the one chick is related somehow to him.

See...idle minds are dangerous...I'm pondering relationships on horror movies.

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