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Just sitting here and reading through LJs and Kansas. Looking at the thread there for LG/M part 3, I was trying to put into words why this is one of my favorite episodes. It got me to thinking what I really like about certain things in the show and fanfic.

Season 2 is by far my favorite of all 4, as I told Ben in Burbank when he surprised us by asking us questions first. It's the insanity.

I love the fact that they don't tie things up in a nice little bow.

I love the fact they make you look back at the characters words and actions.

I love things that warp your mind. Twisting you up and spit you back out so that you lose your breath.

I love to see the emotional and physical pain of these characters, because it makes them more real in my imagination. I want to feel for these characters that I've spent an ungodly amount of time watching and reading about.

The only real way to do that is to dramatically get into their heads. Even if it's to make John a gibbering lunatic bent on his own self-destruction.

The theme does carry over, for me anyway, onto the last two seasons. John is still self-destructive in a way, especially MJohn once Aeryn is gone. But it really carries over well in Eat Me when John sets up Rovu to Starburst in order to kill Karvok without even 'checking' to see if Jool is still alive. He just assumes that's she's dead because he's seen D'Argo and Chiana killed. Big fuck up. He almost killed her and of course we never saw the apology later on. I'm cool with that because his mirror had come to life.

Everyone has said that John is more stable with Aeryn around. In a way this is true, but I also think that he's dragging her down to his own lunatic level. Yes, John is an insane lunatic. That's part of his charm. hehe He's a complex guy that has had his mind altered, swiss cheesed, and basically fucked from six ways till Sunday. Who wouldn't be a nut job after all that.

I don't think the fact that he spent months on a dying Leviathan drinking distilled foodcubes (just assuming on that folks) did him any good either. Moonshine is sometimes an iffy deal anyway. If not done right it can cause serious physical and mental problems itself. Sooo...I have I have no point on this part. Onto the next..LOL

I love the fact that they turned a basically normal Joe, set out to prove himself as good as his dad, and turned him into this bomb-carrying survivalist. Notice I didn't say terrorist. I don't think of him that way. He's only try to survive, no matter the cost to his enemies. If he was just trying to inflict 'terror', he could easily have used a wormhole for that to get them to fork over Scorpius. He could have built another displacement engine I think at this point and fucked the Scarran's world completely up. But he didn't. He set out on a rescue mission.

Damn this has rambled on...My point is, if there ever really IS a point, I love the way this show makes you think. *g*

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