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time to do the hokey pokey

Well, my Space Vixens story is off to kixxa, I had tried to let it sit for a couple of days before sending it.

Been doing some evil bad!ficcing, although I had trouble with Apathy's. Turns out the story kept getting good. And my brain decided to take a vacation on it. This may improve today since I actually got a full 5 hours sleep last night. Go Me!

Did some reading over the weekend since I couldn't seem to concentrate long enough to write. So I read some of Shrift's, Thea's, Crash's, Kern's, Auna, and Ixchup's stuff. In regards to Auna's...I knew I should have waited until she had all of Old Haunts up. Dammit! Now, I'm going to be squirming while waiting for the next part.

Is it just me or does it seem a LOT of people seem to be having writer's block lately. Maybe it's the cold. I don't know, but to those suffering. I hope it breaks soon. We need some good fic to keep out our own voices.

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