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It's a Girl!

The newest member of our family, Catina Faith, made her debut at 8:36am.

6 lbs 10oz
18 inches

Momma and baby are fine considering it was a C-section. Catina (it's going to take some time getting used having someone new with that name.) has some slight respiratory distress, but the doctors say that's normal with babies born this way.

Now the story on how they decided on naming her after our sister.

Before A found out that she was pregnant, mom had given her a little radio that had belonged to Tina to listen to when she was helping my brother on landscaping jobs. It's the kind that you have to roll the volume button up to turn it on. Well, A had forgotten about it at the bottom of an old purse, which was lying under the bed.

The morning she found out that she was pregnant, the radio had come on by itself. Still in the purse. Still under the bed. Then they found out that A was due near the time that Tina had passed away.

And the funniest part is that Catina (Jr) was born on the day that Catina (Sr) had her last child. Yes, today is also my nephew D's birthday.
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