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I can't bloody sleep, and when I try my mind won't freaking shut off. My usual tricks of making up a 'quiet' story in my head isn't working, and I end up thinking about different fics that I've either been planning or working on, or doing the beta bit with.

I want to sing Tip Toe Through The Tulips for some reason. How wrong is that. The idea of streaking through a twenty-four hour grocery store is suddenly very appealing.

Little thoughts running rampant and not a drop to drink. I mean, not the will to write them down.

I watched 2 of the three hour mini-marathon that skiffy put on during the night. Only one of which is a top fav. Why the hell are they showing season 1 out of order. Just shows you their programming people are even more deranged than me.

My mom is giving me guilt trips about moving out. I know she just doesn't want me to move far away, but I told her. I'm 31, I need to be on my own before I go fucking postal on someone. What I didn't tell her is that I'm tired of being around family. I'm sick to death of it, no matter how much I love them. I'm tired of the arguements, I'm tired of being around kids constantly. I used to like kids. I swear I did. Couldn't get enough of watching them. Biggest damn mistake of my LIFE! After that, every day it was 'Can you watch them for an hour or two?' and the parents would be gone all day. So I'd be stuck with kids ranging in numbers from 3-7. Fighting constantly or hungry.

I've always wondered... Why didn't Zhaan ever make a move on Crichton? Did she have feelings for D'Argo?

Watching Throne for A Loss during the night, I felt really bad for the changes that John had to go through in order to survive when Bakesh told him he didn't kill those other Tavleks, and John said, "I guess I'm not that kind of guy." Season 3 or 4 John would have dropped them like an old habit in that situation.

Can thoughts get any more random here? Okay, I think I'm going to try and go to bed again. I wish that if I'm going to be damn awake, why the fuck can't I get coherant engouh thoughts together to work on a story.

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