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After seeing the holiday wish meme that lizamanynames did last week. I tried to think of something for a wish list of my own, but I can't beyond: Get me the fuck out of Florida! Oh...and world peace. :D

I always did suck at those things. Yes, I do have the usual yearnings for pretty things as everyone else. I just don't like to ask for them if I can help it. :p

So what did you guys think of last night's Dexter. I swear I had to keep stopping it for OMFG! moments. I'm going to have to watch it a couple more times because this was the best episode yet! Which reminds me, how many episodes does it have this season. I'm no longer up to date on the typical season on Showtime.

Still haven't seen the new Torchwood. I'll probably give it a go here in a little bit, but I'm actually wanting to get back to my book a lot more. I'm at the finale so to speak and like with Dexter, I keep having to walk away from it from time to time because my head is about to explode with excitement and worry and just so much love for this story. I went to link Sarahjane to a synopsis of it last night and accidentally came across a review for the book. And after reading part of it, I remembered why I don't read those things in the first place: they think too damn much. Reading this or that into what basically boils down to a well written, kick ass story and characters you can give a damn about.

One last pimp...go read Cell!

ETA: LJ can stop being slow as crap to load any second now. o_O
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