Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lizamanynames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: Some Thoughts
Author Notes: Written for lizamanynames's birthday. I wish you the very best birthday and that the coming year brings you nothing but joy! I hope you like it. *squeezes you in a big hug and passes you some cake*

Thank you as always to Sarahjane for the beta.
Spoilers: None, but it does take place in the not so distant future.
Characters: Stark & Zhaan
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. If it was, we’d have a Farscape channel.

Some thoughts

A single thought persisted through the cycles, no matter the chaos, the noise, the eventual calm.

Calm as a sea now vanished as it was birthed; a sea that, at moments, reflected spirit and kindness, its jagged edges unseen beneath unexplored depths.

This thought was a life, two lives intertwined.

He’d thought it lost at one point, but it had been merely sleeping, resting after a long journey. He understood. He kept it close to his heart, close to his own weary soul.

It bolstered him at the moments when needed most. This single entity that began as a whispered goodbye that wasn’t to be. Sifting though dangerous thought that sought to take hold, allowing him to see ways of resolution.

It was what he needed to make him feel whole, and it never chided him for this.

It was she and believed the same.

As he sleeps, she returns to fill out the emptiness of his arms. And his hand slides across lucent flesh. She is real.

Real to him; to this transient world of not yet forgotten suffering.

He could easily choose to forgo the temporary shell, and together they would go on. This thought, this love, begs him ‘not just yet, you are needed still.'

He doesn’t want this, to be needed beyond her embrace, but he believes in what she tells him. Knows that she is right. Just a little while longer, he thinks, nodding slowly.

Just a little while longer.

But she is here with him, this love that he’s known for millennia. Never far.
Tags: birthday, fic, friends, prezzie

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