Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

M introduces herself as Ella of Frell on the phone.

Every single time she calls me and it makes me giggle my butt every time.

Today has been a good birthday. I pretty much chilled out all day watching Supernatural's first season. I'm currently taking a break from it and watching Everyone Loves a Clown. They just showed a preview for next week's episode and as usual it is awesome looking. :D

scorpy808 is once more my hero because she gifted me a year of LJ time and it boosted my icon amount by five. Whoohoo! And lizamanynames is currently writing me Stark/John H/C instafic, and it's porn! Double whoohoo!

Plus I have Stephen King's new book Cell, and it pretty much had me grabbed with the single paragraph prologue. Which has been something that hasn't happened in a long time. In the section with the critic blurbs at the beginning, The Washington Post said: If any writer is capable of producing the Great American Zombie Novel, it would have to be Stephen King. I usually skip this section of the book, but that happened to catch my eye as I'd flipped through the pages at the store.

So far I haven't been disappointed.

Thank you again everyone that's given me birthday wishes. *blows kisses*
Tags: books, friends, m, prezzie
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