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3rd Anniversary of The Dark Brigade

I can't believe I missed her anniversary this year! Though I do have a good excuse - sort of. It fell during the Farscape Con.

"Remember, Remember the 5th of November." Liza said when I mentioned it to her a couple nights ago. :laugh:

I know not many people get over there anymore but I have no plans for ever taking the site down because of low visitor numbers.

The original reason for The Dark Brigade was to have a kind of central point for those, like me, that love the more hard core side of Farscape. To have a place for Angsty and Dark fic to be easily found and enjoy (even if you ended up in tears).

While it never really became a 'central' point, I never really expected it to it be as large as Leviathan or Kansas, it does give a reader searching a starting point to other places.

For a while we even had a board section dedicated to writers interested in publishing original fiction, and those helpful tips still remain in the fic discussion area for anyone to read if you ever need them.

To everyone that has ever stopped by... either to post a story, read, recommended a story, or just participate a little in one of the few fic discussions. I'd just like to say:


*cross posted at Terra Firma*
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