Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I can't believe I forgot 3rd anniversary of The Dark Brigade. *face palm* Though I do have a good excuse since I was in Burbank at the time and being inundated by Ben Goodness.

When I mentioned it to lizamanynames, she came up with 'remember remember the fifth of November' and said I could have put Scorpius in a little V for Vendetta mask. I think I pulled something laughing at that.

I saw Superman Returns a couple days ago, I was pretty bored with it for the first half except for hearing Jorel's voice and hearing that music. I think I had jaw aching smile at that moment. I think the original Superman movie was the very first movie I saw in the theater as kid.

Torchwood 1x07...what can I say about it. The show is teetering on the edge with me.I'll give it the rest of the season, but... I'm not feeling the love.

Dexter though... Oh how I love Dexter. I want to cuddle him. spoonishly each week has pretty much summed up my feelings for this show which is why I haven't said more on it. Though it has made me want to do a nice long post on this guy and how he think he's so detached but his 'playing' at normal is what makes him so fucking normal.

Heroes is on tonight! *happy dance* I can't wait since, from commercials, we learn some back story on the characters. Especially Sylar.

And finally I should mention that I'm almost done with my new video. I think this is the last one I'll do for a while with so many hard beats to it. One good thing about it though, it's made me look at Stark in a different way and really freaking love this character more in his relationship with John and Zhaan.
Tags: dark brigade, dexter, heroes, torchwood, tv, vidding

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