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For some reason I felt the urge to finally reply to 'that' thread.

Where is this supposed slash story that didn't have a warning? Because there have been maybe a dozen slash stories on Kansas, all of them with the warning of what they contained. I'd really like to know myself.

And I am NOT going to post a rating in every single title to a story. I have done this before though on NC-17 fics because those I definitely don't want younger kids to see. Especially when there is a graphic sex scene. Violence? They see that on the damn news...don't see no censorship of that now do we.

I am not going to put a bunch of warnings in my notes. I don't want to give away the ending of the goddamn story. What's the point then...

Author's Notes: You might not want to read the 15th paragraph because the main character dies from a knife wound to the stomach. Wait, nevermind, I just told you the END OF THE FUCKING STORY!

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