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Thank god for Auto Save.

Because it saved my ass.

I knew the power would go out last night with the storm, but daaaamn. We were without lights until like six this morning. Which by the way, it is such a bitch to fall asleep without my fan on.

Mom told me that a pole had gotten knocked over by the wind next to the local corner store and almost hit a car parked in the lot. Because of that I didn't get my story finished in time, or get it to beta. Then this morning I had to drive the bossman to Apollo Beach. But I actually lucked out because I didn't have to stay this time. His son is taking him to some Chamber of Commerce dinner. So I just got home and got my mood music on and finishing up. I want this story done and off my hard drive.

Funniest thing that happened to me this morning. I turn on the radio (i can't have it on my hard rock station with the bossman, so it's on easy listening) and guess what was playing...REO Speedwagon's I Can't Fight This Feeling... I couldn't help laughing my ass over that and the look the bossman was giving me.
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