Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I really enjoyed Supernatural episode, but M still complains about how Sam isn't letting his bangs fall over his forehead. She likes the shaggy unkempt style.

During commercials I helped her with a story for school. It's supposed to be a camp fire horror story. As she read it out loud, I saw heard storyline ideas from a variety of movies. She was frustrated because the assignment is to write a story only on the front and back of one sheet of paper and she's already at two and a half pages. I tried to show her how to compact the scenes while adding descriptions of the 'ghost town'. She didn't seem to understand that she had too much exposition at the end and she should pepper the story with tiny clues so to allow the reader to get the picture with only a tiny bit of explanation. Since it was going off at that point, I used the end of Resident Evil as a way to show what I meant and she finally got it. *g*

I asked her why she was so worried about it since she's moving tomorrow and won't even get to participate in the actual telling of the story around the 'campfire' on Halloween. She said she just liked the assignment too much not to complete it as much as possible.


I was able to get a fair bit of writing done today on my finish-a-thon story. Approximately six hundred words. I have a bad feeling that I won't have it done in time, which I think is tomorrow.
Tags: m, supernatural, tv, writing

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