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Fic question and possible discussion for SG-1's Company of Thieves.

I know there are a lot of folks out there that don't think Cameron impersonated Kefflin well. I thought he did great, considering we have no clue as to how Kefflin actually acts. He went strictly on reports of the guy and the relationship with Netan. He went on the instinct that someone like that would play things very close to his chest and it looked like that is how Kefflin acts. It was kind of how you'd imagine a mountain man or survivalist would act. *g* Now here's what I'm wondering since *wg* Netan seemed very close with Kefflin.

This is just going on a few things:

1. That hug when he greeted "Kefflin"

2. He allowed himself to be humiliated and instead of there being a negative consequence, Netan rewards Kefflin.

3. Netan talks freely with him. His body language is more relaxed. I've noticed more than a few times reactions to the stresses he's under.

4. When Netan finds Kefflin interrogating Teal'c alone for the second time, he wants Kefflin and himself to kill Teal'c together. That just strikes me as somehow intimate.

So I'm wondering if anyone has written a Netan/Kefflin(Cameron) fic, getting into how far he's willing to go for Earth - for his team.

Figured I'd ask to distract my mind off of family and RL dren. That's a long post I'm working on for another time.
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