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I'm very happy with Supernatural tonight.

That ending just about killed me. In a good way.

I was interrupted a bit this afternoon from my writing with running a couple errands for mom after being attacked by a six-inch licking machine named Cocoa Bean. I was tempted to take him with me in my purse. hehe I really need to get those photos of him from mom's camera. It keeps slipping my mind.

But I at least got around 400 words into my writing goal. I'm going to try and get in a bit more before bed. I hope to get some more in tomorrow, but I doubt that'll be possible. After I drive the bossman to his bridge game and wait for him to finish, we're supposed to go to Jim's memorial service. I liked Jim, but I really hate going to those things, especially when I know no one but the dead guy. Mom is also supposed to go there, but she has two parent/teacher conferences at school and isn't sure when she can get out of them.
Tags: personal, supernatural, writing

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