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Heroes 1x04

Instant reactions:

Okay big dude definitely has to be Sylar. And boy is he ever freaky.

Claire! Okay that was fucking cool as hell!

*applauds the writers for such a simple and clever answer*

I'm very glad that asshat football player was too chicken to face up to what he did to her and she was listed as a Jane Doe. But they're sure to have taken photos of her for finding her family. She's still in deep doo-doo.

Hee! Hiro cheating at roulette! He really shouldn't even if it is for his friend. Oh, Ando...manipulating your buddy. tsk tsk For shame.

Aww...poor Niki. She really was being nieve thinking she was hiding her job from Micah.

Who is this mystery girl at Claire's school dangit?!

So mystery girl is just another girl that pretty boy raped? Need more info on that but that's the impression I got so far.

Whoa...Issac's eyes.

Rainman!?! Dude!

Aww...they got kicked out of the hotel. That's what happens when you cheat. Eep...a Texan with a big hat and henchmen. Ando, you're an idiot.

Please Nathan, don't cheat on your wife and be a complete asshole. Annnd...it's complete.

Oh don't threaten the boy. yes! Bad Ass Mama took control! Hmmm....going back to Nathan. Now I can understand doing that. In a way it's a double standard how I feel about that. He's an asshole for cheating on his wife, but she's protecting her son.

The symbol!

Oh shit. I think Bennett and Freaky Guy got Peter!

Who did they actually get? I missed that.

Oh fuck! Claire and Pretty boy! Whoa!

Is that Hiro? Future? Duuuuude.

And those previews...save the cheerleader...save the world. *boggles*


I've been looking forward to everyone starting to hook up. I like a good build up for a story and I think they're doing it wonderfully but they're killing me at the same time. It's great!

I'm glad Peter went and sought out Mohinder, and he's putting two and two together with Issac. Smart cookie.
Nathan is still being a prick but it looks like he's about to connect with Niki, Hiro and Ando.
Matt went to Texas from LA since he's freaky dude and Bennett's prisoner.
It looks like Matt is possibly in Texas since Claire's dad saw him and was at home that next morning.

I need some Heroes icons.
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