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A mental warble or two

Usually I try and avoid certain stories when I'm try keep a particular feel in my stories. But then that leaves me craving damn fine writing because that limits me to the 'softer' side of Farscape.

Fics to read:
How They Fall
The Devil You Know - both by kixxa

A Broken Chord by spoonishly

The last 2 stories in the 'Innocence' series by KNS.

I've been dying to read them, but I'm an idiot at times. And have been affected by a story so badly before that I couldn't write for days because it depressed me. One Good Day by Blither had me crying like a 2 year old for days and I still can't read even a line of it the story without wanting to cry. Not just for the ending, but the way the entire story is written. Yes, I know...I'm nuts. I still can't believe a 14 year wrote that.

Read A Pooka For Two by Gonzai over on Leviathan yesterday. Have to say nice twist, and I really enjoyed the story. I would love to see a continuation if there ever is one.

If you haven't seen the clips for Ben Browder's movie A Killer Within, and you don't mind movie spoilers. Go watch. NOW! His acting in clip 5 will basically chew you up and spit you back out.
WARNING: Clip 5 has one possible ending to the movie!

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