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some thoughts on SPN 2x03

Back in Black by AC/DC talk about perfect music to show the resurrection of the Impala. Shhaweeet!

So much F'd up crap happens in Florida.

You said it Dean.

Loved the Buffalo Bill impersonation.

I hear there's a chupacabra two states over. I'm rather proud of the fact my niece V not only knew what one was, but she even described it. She must have been at least 4 years old when she saw that episode of the X-files last. hehe

Gordon Walker is Dean's future without Sam to keep him focused.

Sam so has Dean's number and can he ever take a punch. *impressed*

At least with this episode we got to see more inside of Dean and why he stayed in the family business beyond just his ties with this dad. That and him learning that there are shades of gray in everything wasn't done too heavy handed and I like that.

Also, I kind of saw a nod there to The Lost Boys with Gordon saying that Dean was a killer like him. Probably just my imagination since both deal with vampires. *g*

Excellent fight between Dean and Gordon.

Gordon...Dude, you should know better than to threaten a Winchester.

I'm sorry, but when he slammed Gordon's head into the wall on the way to tying him up, I laughed my ass off because I would have done that too. And don't say you wouldn't either. If you do have the brass to say that, even to yourself, then you've never been in a serious fight. *g*

But that last shot of Dean before he gets in the car, with the ring caused by the lighting. Just beautiful.
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