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Jericho 1x04

Just a few thoughts on last night's episode.

Jake still makes me happy since he still just trying to do the right thing. Even when he agreed to waking up the stranger to find out answers, he seemed to genuinely to not cause him any hardship/pain. It's showing us that he's definitely not perfect but he's trying.

Eric is really running on fumes and not in the same way the rest of the town is. No, that pun was not intentional considering he was running around trying to get gas. *snerk* But he's supposed to be the poster boy perfect son and he continues to string along both his wife and mistress.

I love how Dale and Gracie seem to have kind of adopted one another and how he's trying to take care of her and the store since that seems to be all that she has in the world. Oh, is it just me but didn't the actor playing Dale was the same kid that played Miles in Surface?

Skylar is a bitch.

Gale giving mouth to mouth to Victor after the clinic ran out of gas? Huh? He was on a ventilator, why is she giving mouth to mouth? She'd breathe into the tube, wouldn't she? And why does that clinic only have one hand pump? *boggles*

That was pretty harsh with adrenaline to get answers about Sheppard, but now we know that Hawkins never was a cop. Probably more like some sort of special ops group that knew the explosions were going to happen judging by the secret communications he has on the laptop.

It's a shame they weren't at least able to save the man's little girl or any of the other refugees.

It's weird how he found the man's truck running on the side of the road though. Sheppard feeling guilty about the one guy's death and feeling he didn't have the right to be around 'decent folks' perhaps? The blood on the broken window was probably the strangers since he was so messed up from the radiation poisoning so there's really no indication that there was any foul play.

I really want to bitch-slap Hawkins though with how he's treating his family. His daughter only wanted to feel normal and to meet kids her age. His son may have hit him where it counts though when he answered that his mom will always be the one to take care of him.

And Dexter is growing on me. spoonishly said pretty much all of the same things I like about the show so far. And she's got a Captain Jack picspam going on. :D

Now time to get some hot pockets ready for M and tonight's episode of Supernatural.

ETA: Why the fuck aren't my lj cuts working right?! Plus I keep having to go back and fix the time for some reason. They need to finish their little tweaks so lj is back to working right. Or at least working right in my little world.
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