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Freakin' Crazy

At least last night's dream was a bit different. For years I had a reoccurring dream where I'm in a yellow VW bug and as it's going over a bridge, the center of the bridge collapses and everyone in the car drowns after it goes into the water.

This time though I was driving with the kids in was a big primered gray car, and a tornado snatched it up. Flipped it end over end before dropping the car into a river. Before the car sank though, I told all of the kids to roll down the windows because we wouldn't be able to open the doors due to the water pressure. I shoved each of them out of the windows, but I couldn't push the last one out just as it submerged. I remember telling the kid, I think it was my niece V, to hold her breath a split second before we ran out of space and then we swam through the window and to the surface. Once there, I saw the others were crying and trying to stay afloat. I told them to lie on their backs like we'd taught them and just float.

That's when I woke up.

Totally threw me off, but then the idea of drowning has always freaked me out a bit. At least this time we didn't die. That's a good thing. ;-)
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