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Must resist....

I keep seeing snippets for thassalia's monster fic 'Blue Eyes' and I sooo want to read it. I keep bringing the cursor over it and I stop myself. Considering how bad I have know what goes on in fics and in shows....I think I deserve a cookie for behaving myself.

Slept off and on most of the day yesterday and last night and missed my nephew's 6th b-day party. I didn't miss much...just a bunch of kids screaming and fighting.

kernezelda came this close *holds up two fingers half inch apart* to giving us some John/John smut with her story Alone Together. What we did get was though was some damn fine writing that I personally think is still hot as hell.

I was asked two days ago if I could be the editor for a screenplay for sci-fantasy computer anime movie. I'm still floored that I was asked. I don't think it pays anything, but hell...my name will be on the credits. That'll be cool. LOL

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